Signature Scratch Stringer

Rs. 510 Rs. 850
Introducing Signature Scratch designed stringer..

Ergonomically Designed

This stringer has really is one of a kind when it comes to style,fitting & its uniqueness. It encompasses our vision of incorporating 'style' into fitness apparel.every stringer comes along with its own special features with respect to their stunning design and fitting.This stringer is designed to comfortably fit for heavy workout.

Reflective Material

We have developed an innovative reflective material that reflects depending on the position of the light source providing an absolutely incredible effect.
(THIS EFFECT CANNOT BE FULLY SHOWN ON IMAGES) The product is designed to be both stylish and functional
- when working out in low light  conditions this stringer will light up when light is reflected onto the material...
The reflective material is extremely flexible and Durable*
This stringer is unlike anything else you can buy today!!


"ZWEET FIT" Technology

This stringer comes along with "ZWEET-FIT" technology
which keeps your body dry by drawing sweat away from the skin,

Material & Print

Super light weight material with high quality stretchable polyester fabric
which ensures high durability and superior quality.

Model 5,8" -  wearing size Medium

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